Exclusive Interview with Mr. Saahil Kamath, Co-founder, VISIO.AI

The stereotypical perception about college goers is known to all. Breaking such stereotypes are four final year engineering students from PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore who are proud entrepreneurs of an Artificial Intelligence based company called VISIO.AI. They have just come out with a new product called ‘Driver Distraction   Alert   System’ which maybe an economical solution to reduce the number of road accidents happening presently.

Origiin got candid with one of the co-founder, Mr. Saahil Kamath and discussed about how they balance work and college.

Excerpts from the interview:

Origiin:  The Drowsiness detector device is one of your many inventions. What was your motivation to develop this device?

Mr. Saahil Kamath: We originally were working on a ‘Car Enhancement System’ which would enhance   the   overall   experience   of   a driver   by   giving   statistical information of his driving style, mood, expression, steering angle, engine information etc. This was a pretty big task to master. So we first decided to solve the issue of accidents induced/caused  due  to  one’s  own mistake. Our case study told us that almost 60-65% of accidents happen due to driver drowsiness. We quickly identified the causes and symptoms of drowsiness and created a novel neural network that could detect the same and alert the driver. In addition, we also do ‘driver authentication’ and ‘driver distraction alert’ in the same product. This helps us to personalize   the   statistics   which   will   be   providing   in   our   mobile application along with the device.

Origiin:  So you are a team of 4 guys in your last year of engineering in PESIT. How did you manage to find time for developing all these inventions and still manage to be in par with your college curriculum?

Mr. Saahil Kamath: The key to managing studies and a company is seting  priorities straight and planning. It’s a given fact that if I choose to do this, it would not be easy, but I know it would be worth it. So I try my best to keep an open mind and concentrate in classes so I can understand the core concepts of the subject. Once you understand a subject its not very hard to manage studies.  I go to the office right after college finishes and try to work till night and sometimes (almost  everyday) take the work home and work late in the night. Fortunately I have a very good team beside me. So the work is distributed.

Origiin: The 4 of you have started your own company called VISIO AI. How did that happen? It is quite baffling to understand how 4th year engineering guys can achieve so much at such a young age. Please share your experiences with us.

Mr. Saahil Kamath:  VISIO.AI was started by four of us, Saahil Kamath (myself), Rahul B Prakash, Aviral Joshi and Akshay Kumar. We happened to meet in an internship at IISc, where we all worked together on a project.

We quickly developed chemistry and learnt that we had very similar interests. We all had common interests in fields like Computer Vision, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. One other thing that we all had in common was the vision to use Artificial intelligence and computer vision to solve real world problems.

This common vision of ours in addition to the entrepreneur mindset  was the reason for the birth of VISIO.AI .

Origiin: Can  you  briefly  talk  about  all  the  inventions  that  you  have  developed  till date?

Mr. Saahil Kamath:   Apart   from   the   ‘Driver   Distraction   Alert   System’   we   have   multiple projects constantly running in parallel. Some of them include:

  • Face Recognition Attendance System.
  • Automatic Number  Plate  Recognition  System,  which  will  be  used  in malls, offices etc.
  • Visitor Enhancement System: using AI we can tag the visitor and give useful statistics about the guest.
  • Malicious Object  Detection  System:  for  public  places  like  metros, railway, airports.
  • Airport Person-Baggage tagging using AI.
  • Driver enhancement  module:  this  can  help  the  driver  improve  his driving by using the statistics provided by our AI algorithm.
  • Crowd Density  Estimation  and  statistics:  used  presently  for  disaster management system.

The  above  mentioned  are  only  some  of  the  R&D  projects  which  we  are allowed to speak about.

Origiin: Where do you guys see yourself as a company in the next 5 years?

Mr. Saahil Kamath: What we do at VISIO.AI is futuristic  and new, if the idea is not new the approach is new, if the approach is not new the technique is new and that’s the beauty of artificial intelligence. Its all about targeting the right question and targeting the right approach to solve that question and I strongly believe we are doing that. We are targeting at augmenting the human life and amplifying the human skills. We collectively strongly believe that AI is the future. We see ourself well established and doing something that is actually worthwhile and earn a good name in the AI field.

Origiin: With the amount of things you have on your plate, do you get time for recreation? If you do, what are the things you guys like doing to keep yourself stress-free?

Mr. Saahil Kamath: We do what we love and certainly love what we do. Hence there is no requirement of ‘recreation’ at this juncture. That being said it does get a little overwhelming at times and I personally have a habit of playing the guitar to ease my mind. But all of us here are VISIO.AI believe that ‘your focus determines your reality’ and this keeps us motivated  and helps us push harder.

Origiin: We  at  Origin  thank  you  for  your  time  and  wish  you  all  the  best  of  luck  for your future endeavours.

Mr. Saahil Kamath: We  at  VISIO.AI  thank  you  guys.  We  are  humbled  for  the  opportunity  to  present our work in your newsletter.

Innovative product: “Driver distraction alert system”

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