Exclusive Interview with Mr. Adarsha K, CEO, Ayu Devices Pvt. Ltd.

Ayu Devices is a technology based healthcare company spun out of BETiC, IIT Bombay. Their innovative medical devices and services enable early screening of heart and lung diseases – the top two killers worldwide.

Origiin IP Solutions got talking with the CEO of Ayu Devices, Mr. Adarsha K who shared his company’s experiences with us.


Excerpts from the interview

ORIGIIN: The low-cost digital stethoscope that is developed by you and your team is a one-stop solution to the problems faced by the urban as well as rural population. Can you please tell us what motivated you to come up with this solution?

Mr. ADARSHA: Heart and lung diseases have become the top causes of death in the world, and require effective tool for early diagnosis. Conventional stethoscopes used by doctors require considerable training and concentration to identify the relevant sound patterns. Also listening to the chest sounds is subjective and has a long learning curve. The magnitude of the problem and the impact that we can have motivated us to take up the project.

ORIGIIN: What are some of the challenges that you faced during the designing as well as commercialization of this product?

Mr. ADARSHA: Manufacturing early prototypes was a challenge for us as many of the vendors do not entertain manufacturing in small quantities. However, our network helped us to get the right vendor partner to help in manufacturing the device.

ORIGIIN: We are sure that this device is all set to make primary healthcare much easier especially in rural areas. Do you already have experiences to share regarding how this device has been accepted by the rural population?

Mr. ADARSHA: We launched our device in April 19th of 2018. Majority of our customers are practicing in urban areas. However, our device is being used by Telemedicine companies who are focussed on delivering healthcare to rural population.

ORIGIIN: You have clearly mentioned that this device is a low-cost device. How have you managed to integrate so many features and yet make this device available at a low-cost?

Mr. ADARSHA: Every year the cost per computation is decreasing due to the advancements in electronics technology. Secondly we manufacture the devices in scale which helps us to reduce the cost of components and processes required for manufacturing the device. Also India is a price sensitive market, keeping in mind of this we have made the device available at a low cost yet high quality.

ORIGIIN: Among the many features of your invention, one is the storage and sharing of collected data through an app. Is the app developed by you? Kindly elaborate regarding the application.

Mr. ADARSHA: The app is scheduled to launch in August 2018. It helps doctors to record and share the abnormal heart and lung sounds. Also we are working on analytics wherein the software classifies the sound as abnormal or normal and helps in screening for heart and lung diseases in remote locations.

ORIGIIN: Please tell us your take on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and how important it is in terms of protecting the invention as well as commercializing it.

Mr. ADARSHA: Intellectual Property Rights are important as it helps inventions to get protection from copying. However, we believe continuous innovation is the key to success in competitive markets.

ORIGIIN: Are there any awards and recognitions that you have received for this product? If yes, please mention them.

Mr. ADARSHA: Ayu Devices is the winner of AIT (Academia Industry Training) – 2018 held at Zurich, Switzerland. Also Ayu Devices won “Emerging Start-Up” award in 2017 by Bombay Management Association. Also Ayu Devices is the recipient of Biotechnology Ignition Grant by BIRAC.

The entire team of Origiin wishes the team at Ayu Devices the very best of luck for all their future endeavors.

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